Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Identity Affirming Crisis

"Am I trying to be something that I'm not?"

 I wrote that in my last post, but when I went to edit it, it struck me.

Yes. Yes, I am trying to be something that I'm not.

Anyone who is a Christian is trying to be something that they are not.  That's the point.

People are wicked by nature. We are selfish, prideful, materialistic, wrathful, worldly, impatient, gluttonous, lazy creatures. And if you don't believe me, take a hard look at humanity.

I don't have to teach my kids to take their toys and throw fits if someone else tries to play with them. I do spend countless hours trying to teach them to share.

It's not difficult to be angry and try to get revenge on someone that hurts me. It is to forgive and forget.

Just being near a Target can inspire me to spend the $150 that I didn't think I could afford to donate.

And let's not talk about dieting....doughnuts and thin mints are a weakness.

Now, does that mean that we have no virtue? No. 

Romans 2:15
They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness, 

We do have a bit of God in us - we know what is right and wrong.

The problem is, we're not set up to follow our hearts or our conscience. We're set up to defy it.

And that's why I feel good when I give in to temptation (<drooooool>...doughnuts...), and why I feel better when I defy it.

I am trying to be someone that I'm not.

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